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#6. A kids bike for easy riders.

In the early 70's all I wanted for Xmas was a Raleigh Chopper. A kids bike designed for wannabe 'Easy Riders'. I never got one, as A) they were too expensive and B) they were too dangerous. I did used to have a go on my posh mate Ian's though, and yes it was too heavy and awkward to ride, it would give involuntary wheelies and the gear knob had the potential to cause serious knob damage but it was still a f*cking cool thing to be seen on. It remained in production until 1980, when the BMX took over its market. However, the Chopper almost single-handedly rescued Raleigh, which had been in decline during the 1960s, selling millions worldwide. Despite its failings it was (and still is) a bloody good idea in my book.

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